Djay / Vjay for modern expandable HW with touch interface - Windows

There are currently no perfect combination of HW / SW for Djay

With perfect I mean supporting

  • Touch Display
  • Expandable Storage
  • Powerful HW that could be utilized for other tasks
  • Video support
  • Easy file transfer to device

Currently you are stuck with a Non touch Hard to expand overprized OSx machine or a limited storage, limited port, hard to transfer files / folders iOS device.

In theory this should be possible on android but no support for video and the 3 Android devices I have tried did not work (after working with your support for weeks)

We need a windows version to fully unleach the power of Djay Pro.

Hi Stefan L,

thank you very much for your thoughts and feedback to out products.

We are always thankful when our users share their thoughts with us, but at the moment this combination of HW SW is the only supported one in terms of the features mentioned.

Please stay tuned for further updates and be assured that your feedback is being used internally.

Lukas E.