djay volume on Ipad

Hi, I have just started using the djay app on my numark Idj pro, so far I love it except the volume level on the effects is so loud compared to the playing volume of the music being played, I have lowered the volume on the ipad as low as I can but it is still so load, can anyone help

Hi there,

in general effects are not changing the volume of the sound output. Nevertheless can you think of some effects especially?

Lukas E.

Calm down. For starters your not even taking about effects your talking samples. When you have the sample pads open that thing in the middle is the volume. Simples.

If the slider is down to the bottom you shouldn’t be able to hear the samples at all.

in the settings have a play with the master out settings and see what happens.

No worries. I had issues with my idj pro too and ended up with a beatpad 2. What I meant with the audio is go into the “settings” in the app and change the channels to see if it helps. The “settings” tab looks like a cog wheel and is at the top. Have a play around with the settings and see if it helps.

Hi , I’m not sure what you are saying, where in general affects do I adjust the volume? FX effects on the ipad, horn, siren, etc, I have it on the lowest setting and still very loud,

Lukas, can you please help, this problem is really pissing me off, its just on the foghorn, siren etc, and NOT the flanger, echo etc.

Thanks for pointing that out ( samples ) yes I have the volume as low as I can get it on the slider and it is still 10 times louder than the music volume, are you able to help?

What i meant is just a fraction from the bottom of the slider, it doesn’t do this when i take it out of the Idjpro, i have it set at about half way

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that tonight, currently I have it set on its highest setting.

Hi, I adjusted the master out to half way and it didn’t make any difference , ,thanks for trying to help, I also have a random static issue, so I think I’ll have to take the Idj pro back to the shop, pity I really like it… just seems so problematic