DJAY working with 2 soundcards


In the web I already saw some postings which were several months old, but I would like to get an update when DJAY will support 2 soundscards in Windows 10, so I do not need to use split output anymore?


Don’t get your hopes up. As I see it, the windows version is largely set. lukas (admin in the forum) has recently confirmed that there is no djay pro successor for windows in development. But this would have been my only explanation why there has been no update for so long.

even if they emphasize again and again that they would supposedly work on all versions. I gave up hope.

We have had this discussion more often here in the forum. I can recommend this contribution to you.…

I think no one except the employees of algoriddim themselves can tell you why they neglected the windows version so much. Especially because the market for windows is also much larger? maybe it just did not sell well enough. but if you throw only half finished software and then not developed further, you should not be surprised you do not achieve the desired sales.

Algoriddim is as far as I know the only developer with a Spotify integration. what you could do is to record your spotify songs and playlists with programs like recordify and use vdj or what so ever. I know this is not the same but still better than nothing.


Thanks for your fast reply. But for me very difficult to understand that Algoriddim develops a quite professional DJ App (which should play in first liga rogether with Virtual DJ) without coming with so important features like supporting two soundcards. I can understand for iPhone or iPAD it is probably not possible, but for Windows, where is the problem? I also do not understand why there are no updates for Win10. Most DJs use Notebooks and not iPADs/iPhones in the club.

DJAY is in quite good software, especially the Spotify integration allows to react flexible to sudden music wishes. But I am now thinking to go back to Virtual DJ since they support two soundcards and to claim refund of DJAY software costs.

Would be nice to get an official statement from algoriddim …

Best regards

PS: If someone knows a DJ software which supports 2 soundcards + Spotify, please let me know. Many thanks.