djay2 for iphone playing for ~4h at most, then crashes

I’m running the latest release of djay2 for iPhone, controlling it using a Reloop Mixtour unit, playing songs via Spotify.
Three evenings in a row, the application ran totally smooth, but after ~4h, the gui started to react slower and slower, especially the seach dialgue, which became unusable while audio was playing fine. Each evening, this was a “attention, I’m about to crash”.
djay then exists instantly (like a killall -9), but runs fine after a restart.

Any ideas?

Hardware: iPhone 6 64GB, Reloop Mixtour
Connection: LTE


Hi Marcus,

thank you for sharing this problem with us. I started an overnight test routine and will hopefully be able to reproduce the issue. I will contact you tomorrow.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi guys,

sorry but after the first night the app was still running and did till today.
Can you tell us a bit more about your DJing routine? All informations are helping, are you using Spotify?

Lukas E.

Hi Marcus,

thank you for the follow up. We will start an over night test routine and hopefully are able to reproduce the crash.
Could you also try to find the crash log, after syncing your iPhone with iTunes please do the following for Mac:

  1. Open Finder (found in the Dock)
  2. Click on the ‘Go’ menu at the top of your screen, and select ‘Go to Folder’
  3. Type (or paste): ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/
    Please send us a djay crash, thank you.

Lukas E.

Für extrem lange Vorkommnisse von “heute” ist “morgen” ein dehnbarer Begriff, hm? :wink:

Well - basically I do nothing fancy. All sessions were “Spotify only”, but apart from that

-LTE Connection (Telekom DE)
-Reloop Mixtour Unit
-No massive Queue list
-Occasional Autoplay: at the beginning of the party and 2x during the evening
-Ordinary Beatmatching
-I use loops quite frequently
-I have some playlists that contain more than 1000 entries - may that be an issue?

The GUI usually gets slow while entering text in the search dialogue. Music plays fine meanwhile. Each letter gets recognized slower and slower until the app exits.

If you tell me how to provide log files, I’ll send them!


Just wanted to let you know that it remains the same… even after updating to iOS10, updating the Mixtour’s firmware and updating to the latest version of djay2.

It’s not that it *might* crash - it WILL crash once per night. Reliably. I can ship around that by manually exiting the app after ~3h, but that can’t be a solution.