Do you have any plan to support Pioneer DDJ-Wego ?

I think DDJ wego is definitely suitable to Djay for mac.

DDJ-Wego will be the most favorite controller to the Bedroom DJs.

I Agree! I just got a WeGO and love it BUT…

On the FX I can control parameter one just fine but NEED to control parameter two (dry/wet). I tried shift-turtable but that changes the effect. I tried changing the midi myself but can’t get it to work. Anybody have any insights into this??

Greatly Appreciated!!!

Joe B

Algoriddim, please consider adding support for this great little controller. It’d be a great fit with DJay!


We currently have no plans regarding this.

since it was not very clear if djay team will bring support for pioneer wego same as for ergo, I tried to use the included midi map in djay. I did my best for most of the functions( the shift buttons seems not to be recognized so I used the pressed browse as shift), however I got stuck too long on the FX, which seems to work in a way if you select the midi out and on/off.

If there is no plan to include the support for wego, which I believe will be changed in the future once the success of the wego will be proved, I would need at least the support on the midi map for FX part. Is there any manual on midi map? I am trying to figure how to map one button (FX1). I press it, I define it as midi out on/off in advanced options (G4), another F#4 is added on the screen and when I am trying to move the jogwheel for the parameter setup, 2 other faders will be showed in the list. Which one to choose to define it? what are the rules/definitions?
if I send u the file, would be able to tell me what is the problem?

on more thing, after mapping 80% of the buttons, I found that when I close the controller and reload again, the midi map file was not fully saved. Can you pls advice?

the midi map function is quite good, but more documentation would save your time with mapping requests.


Please support I love my WEGO!!!