Do you support the midi controller Pioneer DDJ WEGO…


If you’re hoping to use the DDJ-WeGo with an iOS device you’ll need an external power supply…you can use a powered USB hub, a simple USB split cable (cheapest solution) or the DJC-WeCAi cable from Pioneer (expensive).

Hi Jan,

This controller is currently not supported.


This controller is now supported on djay for Mac, djay for iPad and vjay for iPad.

This type of controller perfect for iPad if you guys could integrate or if numark could make something like this something a little more pro then the ion controller but not too big

Do I have to purchase le to test it out. I download the djay le version and I currently have no power to the pioneer wego controller

Shit reply did work…pionner cable not out yet. Any suggestions on where to buy cable or specific info including other options for apple camera kit. Thanks for your time and help.