Does anyone know a software workaround for pre-cueing with a second audio device?

Hi guys,

In 8 days I’ll be playing on a bithday party of a very good friend.
I’ll be using djay Pro for Windows and Spotify, and I’m wondering if anyone knows a software workaround to get pre-cueing to work without an external mixer, as I’m no professional and don’t own one.

As you’ll probably know, the Windows version just supports one output device (please correct me if I’m wrong about that though). I tried using “split output” to route the output to ableton live and route each channel to a different output device in mono, which would be sufficient for my purpose. Sadly I had to realize that ableton live also only supports one output device *sigh*.

Maybe there’s a beta version of djay Pro for Windows that supports multiple output devices? Or any software that actually can route the split output to different devices?

One thing though - as this is a one time event and I’m also quite short on money at the moment, I do not want to buy anything to make this work. If I can’t find a workaround in time, so be it.

Thank you guys.