Does DJay 2 send outputs to outputs and headphones to headphones on Alesis IO dock?

i have an ipad2 and alesis IO dock, can i use this setup with the DJay2 app?

Hi Simon,

We haven’t tested the IO Dock yet. Generally speaking, multi-route output works with all audio interfaces that are supported by the system.

main out works in stereo perfectly, headphones works perfectly and separately to do mixes as usual by a dj job in Djay and Vjay, but i has not tried to control thru the MIDI input 5pin Din or USB MIDI ports, in order to control since a MIDI comands controller sender as my keyboard controller cause I am a musician and use playbacks effects to perform in my live shows not exactly as a dj do but as a keyboard player that use playbacks. Does anybody knows if MIDI control via IO Dock its possible to run Vjay-Djay (IO Dock + Ipad 2 + IOS 8.4?