Does djay for Mac have a censor feature?

Does djay for Mac have a censor feature for masking/cutting out bad lyrics in songs? To be clear I do not have any sort of MIDI interface, I would need this feature to be available in software or through my MacBook Pro’s keyboard.

I am considering purchasing it and this is a deal breaker for me.

djay does not have a censor feature per se, but there are a few ways to achieve the same thing.

You can use the “Sampling feature” to play a sound (i.e: a siren, horn or whatever) over the censored words.

Another way is to use the “Bounce loop” to loop a tiny part of the song and thus skip the bad words. Bounce looping sounds cool too and is not that obvious. Basically, you loop a part of the song and as soon as you release the loop button, the songs starts playing normal again as if nothing happened, meaning it will still be in time.