Does iPad 3 need the special Griffin cable since it's stereo output?

I had an iPad 2 and ran Djay on it but ended up having to sell the iPad…looking at getting an iPad 3 and since it has stereo ouput I’m wondering if the Griffin cable is uneccessary or if I need to hook things up differently?

i have the iPad 3, tried a regular splitter from Wal-Mart and it doesn’t work… I now have the Griffin cable from the Apple store so i would say YES, you do still need it.

Ok thanks Gzy…holy crap that’s quite a sig/avatar pic you have there…ha ha!

My company makes a dongle-based splitter that does the same thing, called the Toaster, while preserving the mic functionality. Though no app-makers yet support the mic functionality, the splitter does, as a sub-set, the same thing the Griffin cable does, ie splits each stereo channel to binaural mono. :smiley: