Does someone here do gigs with the Spotify mode? And if you do how do you get a good conection for the gig?

All my music is on Spotify and I don’t know if I will be able to do some gigs because I’m afraid that my internet just doesn’t work when I’m playing, do you guys have some tips for me? Please

I use my LG V20 in hotspot mode from T-mobile. I have an amazon basics battery backup to keep the phone always charged…having a dedicated hotspot doesn’t really buy you anything other than the use of your phone…also…here is one nice thing…

T-Mobile allows Spotify without using your Data as part of their plans…DJAY uses spotify API’s to communicate with Spotify, just like the Spotify App…4 hour Gig, all Spotify…no Data :wink:

Also, to those complaining about Spotify offline use…buy some music…have some compilations on hand etc…so if you lose internet or have issues you can still do what you need to do for your gig. Lets put on our big boy/girl pants and use some common sense…ANYONE totally relying on Wifi or Internet access for a paid gig is just asking for trouble.

I have a dedicated Hotspot JUST for gigs. Got it on a special deal with TMobile 2 years ago. 6Gb of data. 4G.

Or you can share out your own phones data as well (have done this before as well), as long as you have that “hotspot” option on your phone plan.

As was mentioned, if there is local wifi, see if you can tap into it. This, of course, would mean getting to the gig location maybe a few days prior, if they allow you to, to test it.

Share you mobile data from your mobile phone.

Take a mobile phone with a good signal reception, some IPhone’s 4 had for sample Edge connection where normal phones had 3G or 4G. Take an tablet to share your Mobile data, how bigger, how better your have mobile data speed.

Take a mobile provide which is know to have a good data connection everywhere.

Connecting to the local WIFI if there is any and if needed, install a wifi adapter with a 8 BDI

I USE My Spotify Premium on Djay Pro Religiously on many of my Gigs…but I never trust my SPRINT mobile hotspot or if Venue has wifi available. So I always make sure I have my Itunes Playlist up to date and synced to ALL MY DEVICES.