does the Griffin DJ Cable (GC20007) work on the new Djay 2 app?

HI does anyone know if the Griffin DJ cable (GC20007) work with the new Djay 2 app?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, it does. :slight_smile:

I was just testing the Griffin DJ cable (GC20007) with my Ipad Mini and it works until you do not use the sampler.
By playing any sample the sound is distorted.
It’s a software bug?
Thank you in advance.

P.S. Same cable and previus DJay version, no problem.

I’m using the griffin dj cable w/Djay 2 on my macbook pro. When I’m cueing up the track I can still hear the music (albeit faintly) through the main speakers. What is going on? Is there some setting I need to change or did I get a bum dj cable?

Ok, so I think I figured it out. I had a one ring 3.5 mm jack for my headphones. When I switched to a two ring 3.5mm jack, everything cleared up. So, I guess there’s a bleed when using the one-ringers. Mystery solved.