does the Stanton DJC.4 work with DJay (i.e., can it be mapped?)

I want to upgrade my controller from the Spin to one that has balanced TRS (1/4") outputs (RCA just does’t cut it anymore).

The Stanton DJC.4 looks good and is a great price ($349 CDN).

OR…any other recommendations for a balanced TRS controller under $500? thanks!

I was really looking closely at getting this controller, it seems to have a lot for a really good price. What also appealed to me was the fact that it can take a line in, as I play with a Technics 1210 in my setup and wanted a controller which works as a standalone mixer. Unfortunately I found out you have to upgrade to the full version of Virtual DJ to do this.

So without trying to hijack your question, I’d also love to add a question to Algoriddim and ask if there’s a way you could access that line-in using djay.

In the end I got the Novation Twitch.
From going through the exercise of mapping that with midi learn, I’d say you should be able to map most of djay’s features to this.
Hopefully someone from Algoriddim can confirm this.
If you do get it, please let us know how you go. I’m still really interested in this controller.