Drag & Drop Suggestion (minor request)

If track player two has a song playing, is it possible to only show the notification on player one to “drop here to load on player one”, instead of this notification showing on both decks? It could make things a bit clearer when dragging and dropping.

Thank you for the consideration.


I just thought that if your were only given one choice (open deck) as to which player you could drag and drop into when the “protect active deck” is on, it would be helpful.

Loading to the wrong deck creates a warning that you must now click on to remove. By having only one option, it would result in less times that a track is accidentally attempted to be loaded in the wrong deck.

As it’s possible to load a track on a playing deck, “drop here to load on player …” is still the “correct” information. Furthermore, the “Protect active deck” setting can avoid any accidentally loading of tracks.
Wouldn’t help a special mark for the playing deck as well?

Yes, you have a point, Scott …