DVS and waveform resize in MacOS, skip protection

Hi wonderful people.
I have just installed DJay Pro AI on my Mac and started using it. I have my turntables connected and use Serato timecode which works fine until I am ready to buy the dedicated records. I have two questions though that I couldn’t find an answer to in the current manuals.

  1. When beatmaching, the waveforms resize, which basically makes it impossible to use the beatgrid and beat markers as a visual aid, which is helpful sometimes. Is there a way to lock the waveform size?

  2. Is skip protection in relative mode implemented and if so, how do I activate it? If not, is this feature planned for the future?

Well, it’s a good thing that there is a seven-day trial then.

Hi @jimbobatzke,

Thanks for your patience while we heard back from the dev team.

We have been made aware that skip protection should work right out of the box!

Regarding your waveform lock inquiry may I ask which version of djay Pro AI you are running at the moment?

Happily awaiting your reply. Have a great day!

Hi Nathaniel,
thanks for your reply.The version I used was the MacOS version I downloaded on 8th of July. Unfortunately I cannot check the exact version number anymore because I did not extend my subscription after the trial period, as I decided to continue using my old setup for a while longer and keep an eye on Algoriddim’s progress and give it another go in a few months or so.