DVS on iOS - Not good enough yet

I’ve been really impressed with the iOS app and have been experimenting with moving from a MacBook to an iPad Pro. I play open format on a mix of vinyl & digital, so being able to turn up with a DVS box, iPad and a small bag of records really appeals to me. I can focus on the tunes, rather than jabbing at a keyboard like I’m checking my emails.t Here’s my setup:

iPad Pro 11"
Reloop Flux (The pass thru button on this is great for flipping from digital to vinyl)
Serato Timecode
1210’s, Ortofon needles

I’ve been using DVS since the Final Scratch days, so know how to calibrate etc. Here’s the thing though, after a couple of attempts, this is proving way too unstable to be usable.

  • Reactivity in the app is really laggy, I’m no scratch pro, but even cueing accurately can be a pain at times. Small pitch changes don’t even register.
  • Hyper sensitive to dust etc on timecode, with that weird ‘underwater’ sound coming through. I keep these clean, but Serato has no issues on the exact same setup (I’ve even swapped to my MacBook mid mix, played the same slightly dusty parts of the vinyl and Serato handles it fine).
  • When I push the pass thru button on the Flux, the relevant deck in the app jumps about like its trying to read the signal. No audio comes out, but it’s really distracting. We need a ‘Thru’ blanked out deck mode like Serato, or a way to empty the deck in the app.
  • Weird channel passthrough, for some reason last night, I got both channels randomly coming through one side mid mix. Really odd. Not sure I have the energy to troubleshoot at this stage (physical setup is correct, per Serato test above), given the other issues.

TLDR: I want this to work, but it’s simply not fit for purpose for playing out. I’ll probably keep the app for fun, but, for me at least, it’s not stable enough to flip me from Serato yet.

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What does your scope look like with motor on and motor off? I don’t have these issues with the below setup.

iPad 9th gen
Apple camera kit adapter
Anker powered usb hub
Native Instruments Audio 10
4 X Reloop RP8000 MK2’s
Ortofon VNL w/ stylus II mounted on technics Headshells.

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Dvs works good for me. Just as good as Traktor on a laptop. I also find it’s sensitive to dust though.

Using akai amx with my iPhone se 2022.

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That’s interesting. I just assumed it was the app being shite, given it all works with Serato & Mac. Mind me asking what decks / carts your using? I assume the AMX acts as the DVS box?


That’s the thing, the scope looked pretty good to me, and Serato handles the same setup fine. Maybe I do need to tweak it.


Stanton str8 150 with audio technica carts and needles. The amx is a dvs enabled controller.

I have a couple of pics with different setups in this thread. Akai AMX sound through mixer on iOS Djay Pro AI 4 -- how?

There is an order to follow when connecting to iOS which I also described in there also. I find if you don’t connect properly you get really bad latency.


Which Serato timecode recordss are you using?

Also double check your tonearm setup. Xwax and Djay are super sensitive, so running the carts too heavy can also cause issues.


Strange, I use iPad Pro 11 for, and every thing works as charm.

iPad Pro 11
Xone 96
Ortofon Club
Djay Control vinyl

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Cheers for this, good advice. I’m a hifi nerd so calibrated using stylus force scales, but you did prompt me to double check! My time code is a few years old (came with a denon ds1 box) so that might be it. I did MIX 7+ hours with the same ones on serato in the boiling heat last weekend, so assuming it is Djays sensitivity as others have suggested.

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Interesting, maybe I’ll upgrade my time code, I think that might help.

DVS works perfectly fine for me. When I used it with my Reloop Flux, I had to plug the Flux into a power outlet via the USB-C port meant for that, and when I switched from using it with Serato, I had to remove both USB-C cables, then plug in the power first, then the one going to the iPad, and it would be fine. It’s just a matter of the device “resetting” itself it seemed. I had none of the issues you mention though with the Flux. Just FYI