Effect controls on Reloop Mixon 4

I am using Djay Pro on an iPad Pro with the Reloop Mixon 4.

When switching between effects, the wet/dry and parameter controls do not reflect the physical control positions on the deck until the deck controls are moved. For example, the physical control on the Mixon 4 might be set at 100% wet and the control on the iPad screen might be at 10% but the moment I touch the physical control the virtual control on the iPad screen jumps immediately to 100% - which in a live performance sounds really bad. Hence I have to keep the effect disabled until the controls are synced and then turn the effect on which is really bad.

It looks like the software doesn’t (or is unable to) check the current control positions when an effect is selected and just retains the last known setting until the control is moved.

Can this please be fixed or a workaround suggested?

No, Reset EQ is turned off. I don’t have a problem with EQ settings it’s the wet/dry setting on effects. They retain their last value instead of the setting on the pot on the Mixon 4. As soon as you touch the pot on the Mixon the wet/ dry control jumps to that value.

This still hasn’t been fixed - not only do the wet/dry and FX controls “jump” the same happens with the gain controls. Having the gain change suddenly during a live performance sounds really bad.

Please do something about this soon - the application should scan all of the control positions during the initialisation of the controller and set them all accordingly.

Also, when switching between FX units, they should scan the control positions and set the virtual control knobs accordingly - currently they jump to the knob position when the knob is touched - which can be a massive jump!

Please please fix this

In case it helps Algoriddim, Reloop have just issued a rather comprehensive midi chart for the Mixon 4. Very useful indeed.

Hi jeffcarteruk,

thank you for your post. Is it possible that you got Reset EQ turned on in the settings?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Right. There needs to be synchronization with the fx when they are turned on, not when the dial is adjusted. For something like the pitch fader that is the right way to do it but not for the fx.

Also we need the filter knob to operate independently of fx depth when macro fx (m1/m2) are not turned on. It is currentlh constantly linked to fx depth. Trying to do a hpf or lpf with fx currently ruins the fx depth. This could be a deal breaker for me on using this controller or software.

Same with me. Regardless of where the effect knob is when a track is loaded the effect changes back for that deck (1/3 and 2/4) to 100% wet.
And as for the gain that’s completely hit a miss. A slight touch of the gain knob for a deck can send the volume off the charts but not every time. It’s like an annoying lottery.