Effects, get some Tail!

Many music creation software programs allow users to add tails of effects to the end of their mixdown tracks, so that, say, if they have reverb/echo washing through the final kick drum/melody/the end of their track, the effect of reverb/echo won’t be cut off as soon as the song is over; you will still be able to hear the reverb/echo washing through and gradually dissipating to the very last second of the song, if you wish. Don’t you guys think it would be great if you could add tails to your DJ 2 effects, so that you could control if the effect trailed off rather than quickly cut off when you lift your finger from the effects pads or when you turn on/off the effect in the manual setting? Being able to control the length of the tail would also be super awesome, and would give the DJ more control over making the track actually sound remixed, opposed to having effects just quickly blurt in and out in a mash up function. There is a time and place for both the harshness of the in and out of an effect, but it would also be a nice option to really be subtle and lightly rework/remix that track. What do you guys think?!

YES! Post fader and post trigger effects would be very, very helpful.