Empty Playlists on Djay2 when integrating with Spotify Premium

I have setup a spotify premium account for use with djay2. I can see the playlists but they are empty of any songs. I have tried downloading all of the tracks to the iPad running spotify. I have also downloaded the tracks from Apple music to the iPad. I have deleted both the Spotify and Djay2 apps and reinstalled. Nothing I have tried will get the songs to show up. What do I need to do to resolve this issue?

This is not going to work. It does not support spotify ofline. It does not support apple music.

I have the same problem. In Spotify I imported playlists from Apple Musik. In Spotify the imported playlists work well. I also see the playlist in Djay . But , they are empty.

Same happens on iPad and PowerBook with all versions of Djay, djay2 and djay pro 2.