Explorer/search not working with USB SSD in windows version, is there a fix please

DJay Pro windows version 1.0.26496.0 explorer not showing any results when searching on either an external SSD or internal drive directory but is working via iTunes/Spotify etc.

A quick update, I have discovered that the search function will work inside a folder/directory via “Search Folder” but will not work from the route directory via “Search Explorer”

the windows version is currently unusable for dj-ing. Search not working in Explorer, no music preview, not even possible to set the audio device.I’m so glad I didn’t buy this, I just have been curious about Spotify integration. Back to Traktor I guess… I only have bad feelings for the poor Store users, that can’t read the negative reviews that can’t be made when you didn’t buy this software toy :wink:

I bought the program today. Search in folders doesn’t work