Exporting history playlist to iTunes or PDF on Djay Pro?

Sorry for getting back to you so late! With the new update to djay pro version 1.1, you can now export your history as CSV, iTunes or Spotify.

Just open the “History” library and select the session, you want to export. You should now see “Export” in the top of the panel, where you can choose the songs.

+1 on this - being able to go back and look at your set’s a huge help, didn’t realize this wasn’t an option until too late - DJ’d a radio show and it’s going to be a bear to figure out the setlist as I was heavy in the mix.

Thanks Lukas, I have V.1.1.1 and can’t seem to figure out how to export - would you be able to provide instructions? Cheers!

Perfecto, thank you!

I was so close to buying this. But such bugs are deal breaker, IMO. It’s a pity that in their haste to get their product in the market they did not do a good job of ironing out such basic bugs.

Very very disappointed in the Algoriddim guys. :frowning:

I have just bought the new DJ pro as my new Mac Book Pro was not compatible with my old Djay (which worked fine and I loved). and now i see that I cannot save play lists…!!! ahhhhh!!! This is essential for me. I need a record of sets played. Such a simple feature is VITAL. Please tell me how to do this!! Thank you.

I agree! PLEASE fix this. Saving my playlists to an iTunes playlist is an essential item and I really miss this going from DJay to DJay Pro. How did this feature not get carried over to the Pro version and why was it not in the latest update. I cannot suggest DJpro to anyone until this gets added.


As far as I know, I’m the only DJ I know in Dallas championing your Djay software. I’ve been using it at my residencies for god knows how long and I finally made the jump to Djay Pro for a big road gig last Saturday. I had one of my best sets ever and promised another DJ and the promoter a PDF of playlist at the end of the gig…when low and behold, Command+S did nothing…I looked and looked for the option to Save Song History AND IT WASN’T THERE!!! I prayed, “Okay, the developers KNOW this is a HUGE feature, so they took the “Save” option out of the end user’s hands and automatically saved a history once the app quits? Maybe? Please Dear Lord in Heaven, MAYBE?”


I am so embarrassed I promised my song history to friends and promoters last week only to apologize for your software. I looked like a fool, and there’s nothing “Pro” about that.

Of course, you can’t have a history of a DJ set with music from both Spotify and an iTunes library to show up in it’s completion in iTunes. The most important element of Djay is the end user’s ability to have a list (pdf is fine!) of what is played at each gig. It should still be very simple for the Djay “Pro” app to document a log of what has been loaded and played on each deck, regardless of it’s source (Spotify or iTunes) and save the history as some sort of file (PDF, TXT, DOC, INF…who cares?).

Just please get this fixed. It’s essential.

Before switching to Djay “Pro”, the “Save Song History” option ALWAYS failed to save a complete playlist. And you’re right, the only way to get the feature to work was to select “Save Song History” a second time, and when prompted, save over the initial saved playlist, which had the same name.

Still, the history of what is played (regardless of if it’s from Sportify or an iTunes library) should EASILY be logged with Djay Pro…not necessarily to have all the songs “load” or “show up” in iTunes, but to at THE VERY LEAST be logged into a text file or PDF, for the user to refer back to.

It SUCKS that this isn’t an option.

So 5 months later there is no fix for this?!!!

I love this software, apart from it crashing just before my last gig, when i “upgraded” and now I can’t save what i’ve just played this evening (annoying, as I rocked it!)

If there’s a fix for this, can someone let me know?


Ha! Found how to do it on another thread. Quite simple when you know how! Order restored.




I am a long time user of this software and have gone through several versions. Overall it gets better each time, but there are a few niggles and the ability to save a playlist of tracks played during a gig/practice session is really important to anyone who DJ’s on a pro/semi pro basis.

It would also be good to be able to create queues/playlists and save them within DjayPro rather than having to go into iTunes to do this.
People ask me about the s/w all the time and I have loads of friends who have bought copies to use at home for parties, etc. but the lack of the above feature is enough to frighten off most Pro DJ’s as they say its a must have for them.

just my 10 cents worth,


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