external mixer please

I would like to know if in the next update, and can separate the outputs of the two decks? at least you can use an external sound card and an external mixer, it might be an idea since it’s the only feature missing!

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External mixer mode.

can somebody answer me is there available External mixer mode in last version of app and if it is not when will be, or will be ever. I test app and app is great except this feature. I use external mixer on my radio station and want to use every deck separ.
i search forum for this topcic and see same questions old one or one and half year, but as i can see nothing for now

will it be supported for instance in future update of djay for ipad ? you give me explenation about djay for mac and my question was about app on ipad and externa
l mixer, this workaround does not work with ipad and external mixer

Hi Gianluca,

Thanks for your feedback.

While djay doesn’t directly support splitting the output per deck, you still use an external mixer using this trick.

External mixer mode is not directly supported. However, please see my reply above on how you can still use an external mixer with djay.

I’m sorry but I have not explained well. I meant to ask if you can integrate the function on the external mixer dj app for ipad. as already exists in other apps. maybe you can integrate into the next update. it would be very helpful to use an external mixer with a soundcard. and perhaps the only feature missing to your app. it would be very convenient. thanks

I forgot, so I could use the headphone and cue on the mixer, and most of the decks separate and in stereo. ok thanks again.

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Maya 44 and DJay for Mac.

I have the latest version of djay for Mac on my 2008 Macbook Pro. All working well and a lot of fun. However I am used to DJing through a hardware mixer, if I was to buy a Maya 44 USB soundcard a friend is offering, can I then assign the left and right decks to the independent stereo channels the Maya offers? And then use the separate channels on my mixer? Here’s hoping :slight_smile: