External Soundcard with USB Output?

Hi there!

I am a newbie to DJing, and am starting out with some basics, however I recognise the need for an additional soundcard to be able to pre-cue etc.

The issue I am having is that I have Bose multimedia speakers at home that i’d like to use for now, though these are USB speakers - I am struggling to find an external soundcard that has USB output rather than Stereo line out.

I’d like to find one that has both Stereo line out and USB, so if/when I look for an improved system at a later date, i’ll still be able to use it!

Firstly - can anyone recommend a suitable external sound card that has USB out, and preferrably USB out AND stereo line out?

Or, if not the above - can I use an external sound card for the pre-cueing part and then use the spare USB out on my laptop to plug in my speakers, or will this then just remove the benefits of having the dual sound card in the first place?

Any assistance or pointers would be really appreciated! :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


My fav for everything so far has been a Reloop Beatpad. Just found one for a reduced price since Reloop released Beatpad 2. I really love it so far!


Hello! Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for this? I’d really like to find something suitable so I can really start using Virtual DJ!