Fade to stop in automix

The songs fade to a stop (quite audibly) as it moves to the next song in auto mix. Is there a setting to sip this and make it blend? It used to before. Its like when you click stop in the middle of song it like groans to a stop. So how do I stop it?

Hey there,

thank you for your post. So in general there are two things here to mention.

  1. The Stop Motor:
    You can set a time it takes for the track to stop so it slows down and doest abruptly ends. 
    You can find this setting right via Preferences > General > Stop Time.
  2. A transition time with effect for Automix:
    If you want to have such a behaviour in between your automix tracks, have you tried out the Automix transition settings?
    You can set a time it takes to blend to the next track, also I would recommend selecting ‘Brake’ as transition style.

Please try the two suggested things and see if this is helping.

Lukas E.