Faderfox DJ44 mapped to djay - need help with VUs

I’ve spent some time mapping (via notepad & copy/paste as I don’t have a Mac!) my lovely Faderfox DJ44 controller to djay 2 on iOS - presumably you could use this mapping in djay and djay Pro if you wanted.

The mapping is here in case you’re interested;


While mapping all this great stuff took considerable time & effort, I’m stuck on the central VU LEDs. I know they can receive Midi Out from iOS (I’ve mapped them on another DJ app) - Ch1 CC88 (0 to 127). I just can’t work out what midi tags to use to get this to work with djay.

Has anyone got an example midi mapping file (official or not) for djay that does this (I’m thinking Vestax Spin 2 certainly does) successfully…I could use this as a basis for my mapping.

…I know this has been asked before, so fingers crossed this time around!

I’ve popped a video up giving a talkthrough of the mapping;


Still need help with those VUs though!

Can anyone with a Mac & a controller with VU LEDs upload a MIDI mapping for that controller that I can ‘borrow’ please? @Warren surely you could spare the VU section of an official mapping please?

It wouldn’t just help me out, it would also help anyone else who doesn’t have a Mac to do the easy mappings for them! I know you’ve uploaded official mappings in the past, so fingers crossed!