Failure with djay, Yosemite, and Reloop Terminal Mix 2

Immediately after upgrading my MacBook Pro (11,3— Late 2013, 16GB RAM) to OS X Yosemite (10.10.1), my Reloop Terminal Mix 2 began intermittently losing connection to djay 4.2.3 during my sets. Sometimes the sound completely cuts out, otherwise I simply completely lose MIDI control until I either restart djay or unplug/plug the USB. This problem may manifest after several minutes, or it can take up to an hour.

Meanwhile, my Mac Pro that’s still running Mavericks experiences none of these issues with an otherwise similar configuration.

It was addressed, for me, in the Reloop forums. The problem is apparently with changes Apple made to bus-powered devices in the newer OS, so I bought an AC adapter for the Terminal Mix.

Oddly enough, before I did that, shutting off the firewall also helped.

Sucks that knowone responded to this.
I just got a termianl mix 4, using with OSX Yosemite, and having issues.

did you ever get any answers?

thank you for the reply.

here’s my issue, and perhaps you might be able to help.

I just got a Terminal 4, and I was excited to plug in my OS X running Djay Pro, but I am having issues.

It would seem the only buttons that are mapped are the PLAY button and the VOLUME dials.
Could you please advise me on how to fix?

I should add, that when first I plugged the unit in, it gave a bad sound like a thumping beat through the sound line, I re-pluged the USB and after re-connecting, it went away. Is there an Order in which the unit should be turned on and connected while turning on the software?

I tried download firmware, but this seem Serato specific.
And no mapping, seem to be available from re-loop.
i thought this unit would be native to Djay, and I would not have to manually map it.

any help is apreciated, thank you, Fitz.

Hi guys,

thank you  all for telling your problems and sharing your suggestions. Please always make sure that your controllers already support the new OS updates, check for drivers for your controllers. If this is not helping please contact our support via
Thank you and keep it up.

Lukas E.