falling out of sync


I’m using a mac with wireless mouse. I’ve always had sync falling out of sync, then realigning on the wrong beat, but it’s worse now, with the 0. reader. I’m on version 4.2.2. Are there any updates? If not, how can I rectify this?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for contacting us. What type of songs do you have?

Generally speaking, please note that the sync feature in djay for Mac is a “one-time action” and not a “beat locking mode”. This means that if you press sync, the songs will be matched and aligned only ONCE. Due to the limit of floating-point precision, it can happen that the songs will drift apart after a certain amount of time. You can manually counter-act this by pitch-bending accordingly.

By the way, djay 2 for iOS already has a “Perfect Sync” feature, which locks the songs in sync for you. djay for Mac will surely benefit from the development of djay 2 for iOS.

Hmm, good question. I’m pretty sure you can find something on youtube. I believe the basic concept behind it is that you press either “+” or “-” to “nudge” it back in sync.

Yes, djay 2 is only for iOS, but like I said, djay for Mac will definitely profit from the work that went into developing djay 2.

So sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn’t mean for you to buy djay 2 for iOS, and like I said, it’s only for the iPad and iPhone.

What I meant was that this new Perfect Sync feature is only available in djay 2 for iOS, but will surely be added to djay for Mac in a future update.

By the way, if you do not own an iPad or an iPhone, on which you can install djay 2, please kindly contact Apple Support to get a refund. Unfortunately, I have no way of granting you a refund directly.

So to sum it up, on the current version of djay for Mac, there is no way to let djay automatically lock tracks in sync. You need to do so manually by pitch-bending the tracks accordingly.

Thanks for this, Warren, but (a) are there any pitch bending tutorials and (b) isn’t djay 2 only for iPhone or iPad?


Dear Warren,

I’ve just downloaded the djay 2. I think I am misunderstanding something. Because, I thought that’s what you must have meant for me to do. I can’t get djay 2 to work on my mac. What do you mean “djay for mac will definitely profit from the work that went into developing djay 2” How? Djay for mac is what I’m having problems with. I’m so confused now. Can you try and help again, please…Thanks