Filtering Track Match Results

Track Match (aka TM) is a useful feature but seems too broad and returns unwanted results since it pulls from a few sources with little focus (My Library, Music, and streaming sources like Tidal). TM would be much more relevant by filtering its results to targeted sources like playlists, playlist folders (via Apple Music), and genres (perhaps others).

Example is I’m playing a set from a large playlist of downtempo tracks and I choose a song from this list for matching and now want to ONLY see other downtempo track matches in similar BPM and key. If I could select a playlist to focus on then my matches are going to help me find the right music to match my current set.

Better yet, this concept can be expanded to a multi select interface where TM source selection opens a modal window of multiple sources including playlists/playlist folders/genres available and I can shift-select or command-select multiple sources to pull results from (so I’m not forced to get only results from one). A genre source example here might be I’m playing a downtempo set and I want matches from genres that include Lo-fi, Lounge, and Ambient genres.