Finding out BPM's quickly

Is there a quick way to load all of the BPMs in Djay pro instead of me having to load each song to find them out??

Djay Pro has an “Analyze” option that quickly determines the BPM for each track.

Also, Garrett, the sooner you stop listening to other people, the better off you will be. I have been doing this for 27 years and DJay Pro is the only thing I will use.

Thanks garrett just getting my feet wet with this software.

They had this on the iPhone version. I don’t own djay Pro but shouldn’t there be an option in the library that says “Analyze Songs”? I just found out today that Android doesn’t have this option so djay pro most likely won’t have it. :confused: They gotta update this app 100%. It’s so much fun to use, just very little options

It’s a great app. I’ve used djay 1 since 3.5 years ago. Then they released djay 2 and it’s the only dj’ing program I use now. It’s embarrassing to say that I’m a DJ because I just use the app but I don’t know why everyone’s shitting on it, saying that it’s not a real DJ program. It does all the same tasks as Virtual DJ and Serato. I’m sure djay Pro is a great program, I just don’t own a Mac.