Fix: howto clean bad chars in ID3 tags that keep DJay from reading iTunes database


This isn’t a question as much as it is a solution to a problem.

I have a friend who uses DJay and one day it stopped reading his iTunes database. It would throw up a dialog box saying something was wrong with the following songs but the song list was empty.

I figured it was a bad character in an mp3 ID3 tag as I had that happen before and the reason the song list appeared empty, was that the tags were either empty or full of non visual characters.

I found this post on the Apple forums noting a similar issue and the following fix:

* make sure DJay is closed, open iTunes

* select all files in your iTunes library (or perhaps just the recently added ones if you are pretty sure the file with the bad tag is one)

* right click / control click to bring up the context menu

* select “Convert ID3 Tags…”

* check “Translate text characters” and choose “Reverse Unicode”

iTunes should then go through a fix any bad foreign characters in the song tags. In my friends case, he has almost 2 TB of music so we just let it run until it got to the A’s before seeing if that fixed the problem as titles with unknown or weird character names were listed before A alphabetically. This may not be the case for others as the bad tags could be in the artist name or comments etc.

When he reopened DJay it reloaded the iTunes library and everything worked. This was after completely removing / reinstalling / upgrading DJay & iTunes as well as rebuilding the databases in each.

Thank you VERY much for posting this fix. Really appreciate it!

Hi Tarik,

It sounds like your “iTunes Music Library.xml” (or “iTunes Library.xml”) no longer gets updated. You can find the file under ~/Music/iTunes

Please try the steps above and see if it helps.

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The newest song of my djay library is dated of the 3rd of august 2012 it wouldn’t refresh since this time !.

(sorry for my english, i’m french)

I have been using the drop option from itunes to djay as my djay library don’t update since a few years.

the refresh the library don’t seems to do anything .