Dear Algoriddim team,

Are there any news or update on FLAC integration.
Thank you!

come on, you must be kidding

Not supported.

It makes no sense when the bulk of lossless files are being purchased as flac files but DJay Pro won’t support it because Apple doesn’t. Hey, I think it’s just swell that I can grab anything that’s physically in my iTunes playlists and play them but I don’t need a “Pro” version to do that.

I know. That is why I am asking about plans.

Does it mean that you are going to stick with iTunes library and not to add FLAC at all?

@Dysfunk DJ, it is not a question to Apple, but to Algoriddim team. Other DJ software supports FLAC.

As we are working with an integrated iTunes library, all file formats supported by iTunes are being supported by djay.
But unfortunately FLAC is not supported by iTunes.

Lukas E. 

It’s more of a question Aplple this one. Try asking. Apple why they don’t support flac in iTunes

Yes but apple don’t and seen as though djay goes via iTunes then it’s really not down to algoridim. You seem to be asking the wrong people.

iTunes can’t handle/process/play FLAC files, but Apple’s native lossless format ALAC can be played by iTunes. So maybe an alternative?
However, ALAC cannot be played by DJay Pro for iPad (yet) where other iOS/iPad DJ apps can play ALAC files. Lukas raised a feature request to their engineers to make this available, so I hope this will be released in a future update of DJay Pro for iPad soon!!!
Then lossless, high-audio quality can be played finally!

When is ALAC supported by djay pro for iOS?
This is an Apple (own) standard lossless format that is supported by Apple of course and also can be used in all other dj products for iOS/iPad.