For those of you having trouble finding a back up version of the pre update Djay 2

Hi spinners,as the title suggests,just google “djay 2 v2.8 ipa download” and you will find a version of it…

The latest version I could find was v2.8…but it still works fine…only issue I had was that I had to re analyse my entire library,
another hint if you decide to go down this path,before Analysing,make sure the setting for Key Detection in Audio Analysis is switched on…otherwise your library will be analysed but the keys wont show.

For those of you who don’t know how to downgrade,this is how it’s done courtesy of forum member “Threeslow”

Sharing how I could downgrade djay2 successfully back to, which is supposed to be one of prior version worked absolutely fine.

1: Make your iPad synced with mothership PC

2: Delete app in iPad by pushing cross botton at the right shoulder of app

3: find a file “djay” in your PC (numbers vary depending on how often you saved backup of your iPad and how often you cleaned your HDD. Hope you can find appropriate ver) saved in;

If you dont have a backup version you need to find a version and download it,should be around 110mb.
If you do have a backup version then proceed to step 4

Once the file has finished downloading, open the downloaded file and it should ask you if you want to replace the current version,reply yes and it should open up your itunes program on your pc.

HOME/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/

C:/Documents and Settings/[user]/My Documents/My Music/iTunes
/Mobile Applications

4: Double click the file found and it may look like shadow of App flew to iTunes, or PC may ask you if you want replace. (“yes” of course in this case)

5: Make iPad synced again with PC and older version of Djay2 shall show up as newly added app.

Note I did this using windows 10,I can’t confirm if it works with Mac…

Hope this helps, good luck!!

Oh.make sure you turn automatic updates for your apps off,otherwise it will update to the latest version again.

Hopefully Algoriddim get cracking on a fix for the new version

But yet DJay Pro for Mac hasn’t been fixed in months!

Hi guys,

We are already aware of some bugs in the latest update but we’re already working on a fix for these bugs.
There will be another update before christmas!
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience in the meantime!

Best regards,

Hey there,

I’m glad to tell you, that the update is now online. Please download it from the App Store and check it out.
We’re very sorry for all the inconveniences caused by the last update.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Support-Team ( if there’s still something wrong with your app.


Hi Daniel,This is the link I used…
It worked fine for me…
It’s a 94mb file

Yes I found that problem as well last night but eventually it worked…

I’ll try and do it again and see what I did…
the funny thing is that I have 2 ipads and I updated to the latest app on both of them,I use them on my idj pro controller,1 is my main and the other is a back up that I bring to gigs…anyway when I downgraded them, the first one downgraded fine without a problem but the second one kept on doing like you described and kept showing the icon dark with installing…

I think l had to delete it from itunes and then it worked…I think it has something to do with the update in the app store as when it eventually worked the update icon on the ipad home page notifying me of the Djay update had disappeared…which allowed my new version to be installed…
So basically you shouldn’t have any update notifications when you’re trying this in order for it to work…

Are you using Mac or Windows?
Are you certain you don’t have an old version of it somewhere in your computer?

Ok Daniel I went through the whole process again and it wouldn’t work for me…both ipads gave me the same error so I’m beginning to think that link I gave you is for a Jailbroken ipad,and won’t work unless it’s jailbroken.

I did have a back up copy in my computer and it’s v2 2.7.8…after trying with the downloaded link several times it kept on giving that dark installing icon error,but when I tried with the version I had it worked…

Unfortunately I now have to Re analyze my whole library again but I’ll let the ipad do that overnight…

If I could work out a way to share my file online then I will,although it’s a 107mb file so I wouldn’t be able to email it…
maybe I can try Dropbox…

Disregard the download file above as I believe it’s for Jailbroken ipads.

ok I was able to upload it to Dropbox…
Try this link and see if it works…I won’t have it up for long though…
fingers crossed it works but yes it might be only for a user,you can only try i guess……

Oh bummer,hopefully Algoriddim release their fixed update soon

I dont have a backup version of…where can I download it ???

mate is it possible that you upload that old stable version on internet and provide us with a link so we can download it??? If algoriddim gives a damm, we have to help each other out!

I dont think they will fix the app soon, maybe they wont bother with djay 2 anymore, so please we need stable version without a lag! If you dont want to share it public, I can give you an email and send it there please?

Hoping for a good solution, thank you

tnx m8, i will try and let you know how it goes :wink:

but it says that is 2.8 ver? :S

I tried the version you gave the link, but it doesnt work for me…Maybe Im doing something wrong, I dont know…I sync the ipad to my PC, then delete Djay2 from ipad…then click on the .ipa version you gave the link, (replace the app — i hit yes) …I sync again …it says installing on my ipad…but after install is done, the icon of the app is dark and it wont load up, if I click it it will say Installing…and nothing happens…

what am I missing here?

how did you fix it then ? :smiley: I ve tried several times already…:((
maybe u need jailbroken device?

im using windows 7, yes im certain I dont have any other versions…I will try again later, but im not being optimistic :slight_smile:

do u have to be signed in to itunes?