From ipad in the clubmixer in good soundquality

Hello together, i look for a solution root the 2 Decks out from the ipad into a clubmixer (Deck A in Line 1- Deck B in Line 2) thx for help and sorry for my bad english.

You can’t really assign decks to sound card channels but you can use an external mixer with this trick:

Take a look at this article on how to use multi-routing on iOS:…

When the Audio Devices Setup panel comes up, select the audio output connected to your mixer’s left channel as “Main Output”, and the right one as “Pre-Cueing” output.

Move the crossfader in djay all the way to the left. Tap the headphone icon on the right turntable to enable it for pre-cueing.

Ignoring the crossfader in djay, you can now use your external mixer.

I know i need more hardware :wink: Soundcard etc.