FX Active design (MIDI control)

MOre mapping stuff here…

I want to open up the FX window on either deck 1 or 2. Right now I have to click the little left/right pointing arrow icon under the BPM % number under the tempo/speed slider. Is there a MIDI function to do this so I don’t have to use the mouse?

The design question; why should pressing a button on my controller do nothing but fire up the first FX on the associated deck? Seems kind of redundant when I can do the same thing by pressing the mapped FX1 Enabled button on my controller and accomplish the same thing, unless that FX Active function does something else beside that.

Make sense??

thx joeb

To the website guys about this page…

No big deal but I forgot a word in the original post so I opened it up using the edit icon (little pencil). After I edited I noticed under TAGGED the three tags Mapping, MIDI and MIDI Mapping had been combined in one button midimidicontrolmapping. It appears that the server process removes the commas from the box in the edit window. Just an FYI

joe b

Thanks Adrian.

I’m still a little confused about the crossfader issue. Let me give you some more details;
I have a Kontrol S2. When I move the crossfader on the S2 all the way to the #2 deck, the CUE light on the controller for the #1 deck lights up both on the controller AND dJay (blue headphone icon). If I slide crossfade all the way to the #1 deck the #2 cue button and the blue headphones light up.I also get the audio from the track that is playing and the cued audio.Is there a way to shut this behavior off? The only time I want to go into cue state is when I press the Cue button/headphone icon.
I was trying to get the Tools panel to pop open using FX Active but since I have to open it manually I’ll just not use the MIDI command.
I can always get around the Tools issue using a couple of utility apps to click in a screen location when a certain MIDI command is executed but it would be nice to see the Tools panel have a MIDI command attached.

Again, thanks for the support and I’m liking DJP more the oftener I use it.

Have a great day!

Joe B

About the Tools: Yet, mapping to open the Tools Window is not possible. Therefore, you have to use the Tools icon.

About the FX: Which controller do you use? I’d suggest re-mapping the FX-button, e.g. to an Instant FX, so that you can get as much possibilities with your controller as possible. You’re right, there’s no need for several controls for one function…