FX Purchase in Djay Pro

I have purchased the FX pack on my ipad but cannot restore in Djay Pro - i receive a modal showing ‘unknown error’ - please help

Thanks for replying Warren

However this is a problem as i purchased the packs on my Work iPad and my company lock down icloud syncing, so i can’t setup icloud sync.

I bought the fx pack on the understanding it was an iTunes app purchase, just like any other purchase (i.e. available over all devices) - if i had known of this limitation, i would have done something different

What can you do for me please Warren?

Warren - would be nice to have a response please.

Please can you process a refund for my FX pack purchase so i can apply it to my Djay Pro purchase.
I plan to use Djay this weekend and want a full spectrum of FX to call on - don’t push me back to Cross DJ

i got a refund from Apple - you need to update your instructions Warren to make the limitation clear to other users

Having an issue …
I had downloaded a demo version and then purchased via the app store.

I then purchased the FX Pack.

I then deleted the older version of dJay Pro.

This was the version that purchased the FX Pack.
I emptied my trash.

How do I get the FX Pack to restore on the newer version?
This is all on the same computer.


The checkbox was checked - and I still get the error :frowning:

Could it be because I purchased the pack with a different email address?

I have exactly the same issue as Steve, please try and fix this - I do not want to have to purchase the FX pack twice.

I have always used the same apple ID and both Mac and iPad versions of Djay PRO were purchased through the app stores.


I have recently written a question on this topic in regards to iPad to iPhone and am eager to get access to my pay one time for all device FX pack.

I have tried to follow your instructions that were listed above for both of my devices. I have been able to get cues to show up but my FX seem to still be locked on my phone. I have noticed that the language/wording from your iCloud integration instructions is not current with options that are available since the ios 8 updates. I would really appreciate a new step by step of how to cross activate the FX I have purchased.

Thanks for whatever help is offered. I have also tried the go to manual and looking for the FX there but they are still locked and all I have is the option to preview.

Restoring purchases only works on the “same” app. So if you bought the FX Packs on e.g djay 2 for iPad then you can only restore it on djay 2 for iPad.

To use the FX Packs on all your devices running djay 2 or djay Pro, please enable iCloud sync on all of them: http://help.algoriddim.com/customer/p…

Why? It’s true. All you need to do is enable iCloud sync and your FX Pack will be “synced” over to other devices running djay 2 or djay Pro.

In-app purchases are “app-specific” if that makes any sense. This is why we implemented it to sync via iCloud as a workaround.

Bill is right. Really sorry but we have no way of granting refunds in the App Store. I recommend contacting Apple support directly and explain your situation.


I purchased Djay Pro for MAC after its original release and just now purchased Djay Pro for iPad…So i purchased all the FX on the Mac version and it will not allow me to restore the purchased fx to the iPad version…My iCloud is synced on all my devices and I’ve already checked that they are synced correctly (and they are, since the cue points are saved from the iPad and transfer to the mac)…also just for kicks i tried restoring the fx purchases on my mac and i keep getting “Unknown Error” on my mac…Sooo what gives and what can we do to resolve this cause i shouldn’t have to pay twice for something I already own. …long story short, i need my mac version to be able to restore my paid for fx without getting an “unknown error” message…and 2nd, I need my iPad Djay Pro version to restore the fx that i purchased on the mac version to the iPad. Thank You

-Steve B.

Not Warren, but you can try requesting a refund directly from Apple. They take a couple of days but they just approved my request for a refund.

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I purchased the Sugar Bytes plugins in my Djay 2 iPad app. After Purchasing Djay Pro I opened up the FX Pack store and hit the Restore Purchases button. After entering my iTunes account info Djay Pro generates an “Unknown Error” error screen and does not activate my FX. I’ve tried this on multiple machines and received the same error.

Please advise.

Have you tried the Restore Purchases option on your phone? That’s what worked for me.

exactly the same issue for me

Warren : It worked for me. Thanks !

In that case, I find this statement quite misleading:

“Buy once. Use this pack on all your Mac and iOS devices running djay.”

Sorry! My bad! I recently upgraded to Yosemite and I didn’t realise I hadn’t enabled iCloud Drive yet.

I think you guys have done a fantastic job with this program btw :slight_smile: