getting djay pro windows to work as dj software on a controler

what contoler is best to use for win 10 djay pro ? i m having trouble using my xdj-rx due to fader broke and you cant seem to cue up next track without hearing it on main speakers what is no good for the type of sets i do on radio.will a new controler sort the problem or is this software no good for the job i need it to do?

I use a RELOOP MIXON 4 for Windows 10 DJay Pro. It works pretty good with Windows. Only issue I have been having is The RGB Pad Lighting isn’t Mapped Properly And You lose Set Cue points from time to time. You definitely would want a Laptop with Decent Graphics Card. At least 8 gb ram and a Dual Core, Core, Quad Core, AMD A9-A12 processor speeds ranging from 2.2ghz to 3.2ghz.