Getting Sugar Bytes for DJay Pro

I bought the $10 sugar bytes pack for djay 2 on my ipad. The guarantee was buy once for all devices. Now when I try to download the sugar bytes packs on djay pro for my laptop I punch in my info to try and re-download the effects but a “unknown error” appears and I cant download my effects.

Why can’t I get my effects, I don’t want to pay an extra $10 for something that says “buy once, use on all devices”

Djay pro for mac and djay 2 are different programs. I think you can use the effects in djay 2 on all you ipads, as long as you are on the same account.
Warning: djay 2 for ipad is different from djay 2 on iphone.

Just paid for sugar bytes - £7.99 gone from bank account - …now nothing! email, no link,…no product!