Ghost Faders not displayed w/Rane One on iPad

App Version: Djay Pro AI for iPad 3.8.2
iOS Version: 15.1
iOS Device: iPad Pro 12.9", 3rd Gen, 512GB
Controller: Rane One Controller

Reporting no tempo ghost faders when using the Rane One Controller. Tempo faders respond to input on the Rane One and adjust tempo accordingly, but the ghost faders are not visible requiring some guesswork to locate the pickup position.

Ghost faders are displayed and operating as expected when using the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 with the same iPad and Apple USB-C adapter.

Hi @L_M,

Thanks for bringing this up. This has been mentioned by other users with the RANE ONE in the Community before. @Private_Repress @maurizio_T

We’ve checked deeper into this and can confirm that the ghost faders do actually not appear on djay’s UI when connected to the RANE ONE. However, the LEDs next to the pitch fader should indicate the direction of the pickup [+/-].

Would you guys like to see the ghost faders in the UI?

Cheers, G

I would like to see the ghost faders @Guillermo :+1:t2:



Thank you for looking into this, and I too would like to see the ghost faders when using the Rane One. This will provide a uniform user experience regardless of which physical control surface is attached.

Your help is greatly appreciated!