Ghost Folders from iTunes?

I had made some playlist folders (and normal playlists) in iTunes. Ran Djay, the folder were there, just like normal.

Later, I deleted out the folders, yet they still show in Djay and I can’t remove them.

How can I remove those folders if they already do not exist in iTunes?

Thank you.

This is running Macbook - OS 10.11

Several times. It’s been this way for a few weeks now, which includes normal turing the mac on and off, apps on and off, and even a few system updates.

Yes Lukas,

It started in iTunes. I was building some folders for an upcoming gig, But when I created the folder it disappeared. Seemed odd to me, so I created a second one. Same thing.

finally I got a folder to be created and stay, put a playlist in it and was good to go. All seemed normal and right with the world.

When I turned on DJay later, thats when I noticed the folders that I made but had vanished,

I tried recreating the folders back in iTunes and deleting them out, but all that did was create a new folder, and when I looked at Djay, I could see both folders!

I think I need to lean my research into iTunes at this point I wonder.

It’s really weird. I’m considering uninstalling Djay, and reinstalling it. I’m using Djay pro, would I just redownload it from the App Store for my Macbook, and log in again?

SOLVED! By chance I was looking in my movie folders on iTunes and thats where I saw the mystery playlists! When I created them, they had a movie in the playlist along with regular songs. So iTunes moved the folder to movies and I didn’t realize it!

Woot woot all cleared up now.

Hi Eric M,

thank you for your post. 
Have you refreshed the djay library after deleting the folders (Shift + cmd + R)?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce your issue with an created playlist folder.
Can you give us further information what folders you are using in iTunes?

Lukas E.

Hi Eric M,

thank you for your reply.
Your iTunes situation sounds a bit odd, have you asked the iTunes support why some folders would not be created?

Regarding reinstalling djay Pro, you can delete it and redownload it right of the App Store without logging in.

Lukas E.