Granular Automation for Broadcasting

We currently use Djay as our main solution for streaming internet broacasts. Currently, the only way to automate switching smart playlists (based on genre) is a combination of automator actions and alerts within the calendar app. Although this works _most_ of the time it can be finicky and is somewhat of a kludge.
Is there any way to add automation to Djay for users who have it running for an extended period of time (days - weeks) so that playlists can be selected to run and switch at certain times and specific tracks can be queued at given times? This would greatly assist in automating broadcasts and content for streaming radio providers and facilitate advertisement rotation.

I am looking for this on Djay as well. I would love to see it have at least the basic broadcast radio and tv automation on it.

Radio and TV Automation and Scheduling
Automation Features for Business (Ad Insertion)
Video Overlay displays track info with your own logo.
Mic play-thru with volume ducking
Request List with Reminder Notes
Mini Preview Player (instant preview selected track)
Color Code categories and tracks
Events (auto-start playlists, insert track intervals…)
Powerful Playlist Scheduler (music rotations)
Voice-Over Tracks (back-time voice over song intro)
Library Tools (show duplicates, tag cleaner, etc.)
Custom Logging (Shoutcast, Icecast, TuneIn)
Live streaming audio playback
Track “play history” graphs
Restrict a track’s play dates and dayparts
Announce Selection (speech synthesis)
Search full notes text
Talkshows mode (phone hybrid integration, Skype, analog, digital i/o)
Youtube or Facebook live integration to live publish the show/stream