Griffin Headphone Cue Splitter

When the Djay is split so the you can preview and play songs.

Is the song that is being sent to the speakers mono or stereo?
I’d assume it’s just mono.

Anyone know?

Hi Callum,

Which djay version are you referring to btw?


ok thanks.

ok cool… if you say so. im sure you know it . im still at demo point.
how does itunes send music through USB?

Djay 4

Don’t use the Headphone Cue Splitter, use an actual USB additional line out, like this:…

It’s cheaper, and you get stereo sound from the headphone jack to a mixer/amp, and stereo sound going to your headphones for cue.

Yeah, really! I’ve been using djay since day one, and bought one of these USB line outs after I lost my (much more expensive) Griffin iMic.

Agreed, it is mono. Great if you’re just jammin’ at home, but there are tons of sound card options which will allow you to pre-cue with headphones as well as plug into speakers, mixers, other MIDI, etc…plus they sound better.