GUI crashes while editing queue's

Hi, I just bought djay pro and have a lot of trouble with a unresponcive GUI and freezes. Actualy this happent’s frequently while trying to put mp3’s from ICloud into the queue list. After 10 files are open (seems no more are possible because after each new open the last in the open list is automaticaly deleted) and two or tree more attempts of opening and putting a new file in the queue, the GUI become complete unresponcive. The queue itself still play’s and also the fade over’s are working well, more over at last sometimes the GUI still update The screen but there is no reaction on any taping in the app anymore. The only thing you can do is to restart the app.

Does anyone have the same Problem?

THX Andy

(iPadPro, RME Babyface over CCK USB3, IOS 9.5.3)

THX Andy

Hi Andy,

thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear that and I can tell you that we are thankful for sharing this. I was able to reproduce the issue and will keep you posted if I find the root if the issue.

Lukas E.