Have anyone got Djay pro for Windows and pre-cuing to worke with a USB-controller (with a soundcard)?

Hi, I bought Djay pro for Windows for just playing around, nothing seriously.
As many else I found that I couldn’t get pre cuing to work with twosound cards, so I bought a USB-controller instead, a one with a 4-channel audio card; Behringer CMD 2a. But no, I only see one soundcard.

To make a long story short; has anyone succeeded to have the pre-cuing to work with a any USB-controller at all?

Ive got my laptop stolen (a high end HP), and now I have a Lenovo instead… and guess what… it works!
I hav the same version of Windows 10 (1907), but I have NOT installed the drivers for my controller (Behringer CMD 2a).

So for now the pre-cuing, the mapping and the light effects works. I cant say what did the trick. Probably not the new laptop, but rather to skip the Beringer-drivers, and perhaps a new version of Djay?

Edit: The trick wehre problably that I bought the split cable before my laptop was stolen - that I was giving up. :slight_smile:

Yes It works great with RELOOP MIXON 4 And Hercules DJ Control Instinct