Headphone icon function on library view

What’s the function of that little headphones icon on top of library view? (Djay Pro for iPad)

I wish it would be a very nice feature to have is a “preview only” library view

Thanks in avance!


There’s a headphone icon at the top of the screen in the library view that goes solid green when tapped on but doesn’t seem to do anything?

Hi Fred,

thank you for your post.
In order to preview in the library please click on the three dots at the end of every track in your list.
Which headphone icon are you referring to?
Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

The top left headphone icon stands for the Pre Cueing settings. If highlighted the icon indicates that a external device (controller, soundcard…) or the Split Output is being used for Pre Cuing.

Lukas E.