Help a novice PLEASE?!!

I am a complete novice having only DJ’d using Numark CDJs previously and bought Pro because lots of my clients are wanting to give me Spotify playlists now.

I have dozens of questions that are so basic that I’m embarrassed to put them all on here!

Surely there must be a basic manual or help function? I can’t find it.

I literally don’t even know how the playlist works whether dragging the songs into the “queue” lines them up to play next or what! Every time I do it, and hit auto mix (I want to use this for background music pre-show) it doesn’t beat match - it just overlaps the tracks by ten seconds or so.

Also, I’m reading varied reports on whether you can use Pro offline or not. I have offline Spotify playlists but was told this wouldn’t work but then read online that it does work.

For someone completely not used to using this kind of software I am literally fumbling about in the dark.

If there’s no manual, please would anyone, staff or other users, give me a few tips on getting started - Treat me as stupid, you won’t go far wrong!

I’m playing at my sister’s 40th this Saturday and want it to go well. I’ll be using a few Spotify playlists that she’s put together of her favourite songs so help with ordering them in BPM order so the software can beatmatch/mix them when I’m not around (do I have to set cue points for this to work properly?) through to mixing songs myself manually and adding songs to the queue would be amazing.

Thanks in advance