Help!!!! Cue points not saving.

I’m using djay2 with a iPad Air and when I set cue points 1-3 they don’t appear to save when I restart the application. More importantly, when I set a cue point(red) and reload the song on the inactive deck it doesn’t load at the cue point I set. I confirmed that jump to cue point setting is on. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Hi Thoris,

Sorry to hear that. Please try the following as an experiment:

  • load a test song
  • set some cue points
  • load another song on the same deck
  • load the test song again

Can you see the cue points? If yes, try quitting and restarting the app and see if the cue points are still there.

Hi Gregory,

The data is only saved after you load another song on the same deck. So, when you load the same song right after setting up cue points on the other deck, you won’t see the new cue points.


  • load Song A on e.g. left deck
  • set cue points
  • load Song B also on the left deck
  • load Song A on the right deck

In this case, you should be able to see the new cue points.

Please kindly make a video recording showing the problem so we can see exactly what is going on.

Same problem here. I am using iPad mini. Sometimes it saves cue points sometimes not. It does not matter if I load a song after the cued one or not. After restart my cue points are not there for some track, not for every track.

Some more test.
If the app does not save the cue point it wont save at all for the track. But it does for the same specific songs not for all of them. I loaded a song to player A. I cued it. After I loaded it to player B too. I have to set the cue points again. After that I loaded another tracks, and loaded the problematic song again. The cue points were in place. But after restarting the application, the cue points lost.

The probelm remains the same. Cue points are not saved for specific songs, even if I load another song to the same deck.

I have the same problem with my iPad Air 2 / iOS 8.3
What’s the issue to solve that ?

I’m having this problem too, I was planning on using this to mix at a bar very soon but I need to figure this out or the process is going to be very slow. Same problems as listed above, only I’m using a macbook

Hi guys,

if you are having trouble with your Cue Point synching, please see this FAQ entry about troubleshooting with the iCloud Drive:

Lukas E.

I’m also having this problem. I planned to switch from Serato to djay pro for mac. It’s bad enough to lose all of my crates and cues from previous work. Now I spent hours yesterday setting cues on several hundred songs for my gig tomorrow night, only to close the application and return today with nothing! Everything I spent hours doing is gone. Just gone. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Thank you Lukas. I was able to resolve the issue by modifying my iCloud settings.

Thank you Lukas. Unfortunately, the article you linked only seems to apply to the cue point set by the button next to the play button. What about cues 1-6, the color-coded cues? Those seem to be saved within each session, but after I close out of the app and reopen, they’re gone.

Thank you!