Help Files not accessible

I am having a hard time getting help from the djay Help file. Anytime I click on a link from the help menu it returns with the following on the screen: “The selected topic is currently unavailable. The topi you are trying to view cannot be found”

This happens for any topic I click. Yes I do have internet and it is working. I cannot find any good resources or tutorials that explain the functions. a description of what the FX sounds are, how to use the cue points, and how to remove a song from the turntable without adding another song.

I upgraded from Djay 4 from Djay 3 on my mac (disappointed in the fact that the only real upgrade was the airplay feature {for us non professional DJ’s} purchased the iPad and iPhone apps for I am full in. Now that I need to learn how to use the apps all together there really isnt anything available from your company, only what I can find on You Tube and the Forum which really doesn’t help the new user. Seems like trial and error is the only way to figure this out.

If you have any help to speed up my learning curve, I would be grateful.


Thanks for contacting us.

We’re currently looking into this issue. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions, please just let me know. You can also send an email to

You can also check out our Help page: