Help if you can, all my folders have gone missing in djay pro

First off, love the new version! The mapping for my ddi-sx is perfect! Flawless and responsive even when pushing it hard with multiple tracks and effect! Great Job!

Now the problem. I added 30 or 40 folders to the software, and analyzed them all and everything was working great. As I fired up the software today, all the folders have gone missing, and alas no time machine to recover any changes. It should be stated that I left the older version installed and fired that up on accident, could that have overwritten the xml data?

I don’t mind going back to square on and adding the music again, but I would like to know where this data is located in the new version so that I can make an archival copy of my folders incase such a drastic catastrophe happens prior to a gig.

Can you share the mapping for your DDJ sx, I am having some issues. Thank you!

Update, Drop all the folders back into place from original location and all the key, bpm, and track analysis data reappeared. The history never stopped working so i’m confused about that, but that shouldn’t be surprising.

On a side note some process that would allow you to run the analysis of all the files would be a nice addition…Also removed the old version, not sure if that was a contributing factor or not but I’m playing it safe.

Also is there any way to import the “mixed in key” set points into the software and do you have plans to increase the number of set points allowed per track? Maybe that’s a development thing on their part, but it seems like it should be doable.

Anyway, thanks and keep up the great work! Your product is amaze-balls!

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Hey Rodrigo,

after connecting the SX accepting the midi mapping dialog window should select the built in mapping of the SX.
The controller is natively supported, what problem are you facing?

Cheers,Lukas E.