Help with midi mapping

I m trying to map the pioneer wego. I want to use an FX button to launch FX1(easy - enable FX1) and later I want to control the parameters using the jogwheel. So I am using the midi out setup and selecting the note on/off. I am moving the jogwheel for learning but I get 2-3 extra controls…from here… pls help, do not know which one to choose/setup etc. Tried several combinations.

anybody can explain the extra controls functions, selection? I am new to midi mapping.

thank you…it will save me some sleep!

please do let us know when the control is supported, and for which version of DJAY, Thanks!!!

If you want to give it a try, here’s the mapping that I’ve worked out so far:…

If you drop that into your Midi Mappings folder (~/Music/djay/Midi Mappings/) it should work the next time you launch djay.

Once you turn on the FX button, the jog wheel changes the parameter, holding down shift with the jog wheel will change wet/dry. Jog wheel goes back to normal when FX button is disengaged.

Sorry about that, this link should work:…

Looking forward to the possibility of WeGo support. It’d be such a nice fit with Djay.

Hi Mekay,

We are currently looking into adding compatibility for Pioneer DDJ-WeGo.

djay 4.1.0 is now available in the App Store. This version adds support for the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo controller.

thanks I would like to give it a try. can you pls fix the link?

looking forward for the map! Thank you for reply!

fantastic. thx a lot! it works pretty well!

Warren, this is great!

I really appreciate the fast response to users requirements from the Algoriddim team.

Keep up the fantastic job and pls continue extending the support for different controllers in the market!

Happy Seasons!