Hi, I bought a vestax spin, is it possible to make a transfer of ownership?? Please contact me to fix the problem

I have the Liscense key, but its allready used by the owner I bought the Vestax spin DJ-controller from. The former owner send me an e-mail that he wants to give me the dj-programm, but don’t know how to do. Please help us out, I’m burning…to test my Vestax-spin-controller. Thanx in advance Arne

Thanks for contacting us.

Yes, simply tell the former owner to de-activate djay on his Mac and send you the license key.

Then, you can download djay here: http://www.algoriddim.com/djay-mac/do…

NOTE: If your license key is only for djay 3 (i.e. if it doesn’t start with a “4”), then you can download djay 3 from the link at the bottom of the page above.